Anonymous said: are you not a grace fan anymore?



I will never say that I’m not a fan of Grace or that I don’t support her career or endeavors, but I’m definitely not nearly as impressed or invested as I used to be. The change of the new channel brought a drastic change in content and above all, quality of that content. Bottom line: I don’t feel that obligated to watch Grace’s videos as much because she for some reason does not feel that obligated to make them. I thought that even cutting back to 3 days a week would make it easier for her, but it’s turned into just another cop-out to escape any kind of orginality or effort in being creative. Think about it, she only really has 1 day of the week now (wednesday) that allows her to just be herself and post a video of actual substance (should she even choose to do so).

The week of it’s Grace breakdown (as I see it)

Monday: Awkward and unoriginal podcast day, where we take a project from another medium (itunes), dress it up, and regurgitate it on the channel - usually accompanied by a youtuber game that we have literally seen by every youtuber on every channel in the free fucking world.

Wednesday: Watch me show you my stuff in a haul video/review a Taylor Swift song/ Buy my merchandise day. It’s basically her showing us shit that she has bought, or shit that she wants US to buy.

and finally, Friday: aka “the life and times of me and my boyfriend” day. Ya know, the day where she takes her travel cam to show you how many times her and chester are in a cab or an airplane together. Because let’s face it, that’s what a comedy channel is all about…getting you excited about a possible relationship as so you don’t pay attention to the fact that this isn’t a comedy channel anymore.

This may come across harsh, but I’ve been sitting on these thoughts for a LONG time. It’s sad and disappointing that now, with total creative control over her content that THIS is the direction she has chosen to go in. I remember when I used to refer to Grace as a comedian, but now, she really is just another youtuber.

Don’t bother filling up my inbox with hate, because I won’t respond to any of it. If you have something intelligent to say, I’m all ears and totally open to an ADULT discussion about this. I’m interested to hear what some of the older fans have to say regarding the topic, as they can probably remember what it all USED to be like, and how ridiculous it has come to be in such a short amount of time.

explanation for my absence.

Anonymous said: ugh finally i felt like i was the only one in this fucking fandom to hate grester. i think them being paired together has made me dislike chester

I didn’t like Chester to begin with, just wasn’t into his videos and I didn’t really have anything that made me want to like him. I don’t like Grester as a pair (like they don’t really go together in my head) but if he makes her happy then that’s good.

Anonymous said: yea i agree with you, i mean i love grace but this fandom sometimes acts like she cant do any wrong

That really makes me mad because any time someone disagrees with something she does, they get hate

Anonymous said: I'm actually sad too about this fandom. I was so happy when I first got into it. It was like I was accepted and if you have an opinion it's okay. This will go to fanfiction too, but I just got out of it because of all the hate towards all the ships. That's really sad to be honest because I still love the girls to be honest, I look up to them and adore them but it's just all the bullshit to be honest. Sorry now I'm ranting haha. Have a lovely day though. x

You’re allowed to rant :) I agree with you.






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clockworkninjah said: EXcuSe U mIcHaElA!?!? i aM 12 aND A hALf! i aM mAtUrE 4 mY aGE

Ur TOT4LLY rite

Anonymous said: I understand your feelings toward the fandom now. I miss your gifs and I miss the way it used to be. I guess i just responded to it all by not being as involved in discussions about anything which is sad because I used to really love the fandom and the community.

It really kind of sucks. I used to love coming on tumblr to participate in the fandom…I’m sorry you’re feeling the same. I guess with the rush of new fans, a lot of jackasses and immature 13 year olds entered the fandom. They’ll grow up soon, hopefully.

Anonymous said: I like how you don't make gifs anymore and the last post you have about Grace is being a bitch about her. And yet as soon as she needs gifs. You are all up an volunteering!

I haven’t made a gif in over six months so idk what you’re talking about with this “as soon as she needs gifs” thing. I never volunteered to make them for her, I made them for myself. The last post that had anything to do with Grace simply was a reblog stating that I agreed I liked it when Grace kept her relationship private.



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The winner will receive one copy of Hannah Hart’s book My Drunk Kitchen: a guide to eating, drinking, and going with your gut

Be 18 or older or have consent from parents/guardians

1) follow theholytrinityconfessions
2) Reblog this post edit: yes, as many times as you want.
3) Wait until Friday, September 5th (pst) when I will use to pick the winner!


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"Ted and Robin were meant to be tog-"


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"Robin has always loved Ted, even when she rej-"


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clockworkninjah said: Remember when not EVERYTHING revolved around ships?

Yes. It was splendid

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Anonymous said: ydych chi'n gwybod y dyn myffin

is this david i s2g

Anonymous said: You're probably not going to see this but how dare you. I'm glad you took your negativity somewhere else because nobody needs you anymore. Encouraging Grace to stop giving Grester attention to making vlogs is just plain rude. You used to be my favorite blog on this website and I would send you cute anon messages to make you feel better but now I just take it all back. I can't believe you were even part of this fandom to begin with. it's a great fandom and I hope you regret this at your worst bye

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1) if you don’t like me, get off my blog

2) I can have opinions you don’t like

3) I don’t like Chester and I’m allowed to say that I don’t like him and her paired together.

4) The only bad thing about Chester that I’ve posted on my blog is that confession that said the person didn’t like Grace’s relationship being public. I agree with that, therefore I have a right to reblog it.

5) Take your cute anon messages and shove them up your ass. You’re complaining about my negativity (which is true, I’m a negative person, I’ll own up to that) yet here you are in my ask sending me pretty much hate and telling me that nobody needs me.

6) I don’t think that this is a great fandom anymore. It was great before shipping and drama. Now it’s good at best.

7) Finally, I will not regret anything

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