clockworkninjah said: Remember when not EVERYTHING revolved around ships?

Yes. It was splendid

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Anonymous said: ydych chi'n gwybod y dyn myffin

is this david i s2g

Anonymous said: You're probably not going to see this but how dare you. I'm glad you took your negativity somewhere else because nobody needs you anymore. Encouraging Grace to stop giving Grester attention to making vlogs is just plain rude. You used to be my favorite blog on this website and I would send you cute anon messages to make you feel better but now I just take it all back. I can't believe you were even part of this fandom to begin with. it's a great fandom and I hope you regret this at your worst bye

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1) if you don’t like me, get off my blog

2) I can have opinions you don’t like

3) I don’t like Chester and I’m allowed to say that I don’t like him and her paired together.

4) The only bad thing about Chester that I’ve posted on my blog is that confession that said the person didn’t like Grace’s relationship being public. I agree with that, therefore I have a right to reblog it.

5) Take your cute anon messages and shove them up your ass. You’re complaining about my negativity (which is true, I’m a negative person, I’ll own up to that) yet here you are in my ask sending me pretty much hate and telling me that nobody needs me.

6) I don’t think that this is a great fandom anymore. It was great before shipping and drama. Now it’s good at best.

7) Finally, I will not regret anything

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Anonymous said: Can you make a gif of grace saying "and you know what that MEAAAANSSSS" And also "Sexxxaaaay Fridaaaaaaay"


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bennyisherp said: NICE THOUGHTS CHALLENGE. Once you get this you have to say 5 nice things about yourself publicly and then send this to 10 of your favorite followers. But not back to me, of course.

  1. I am pretty good at using Photoshop
  2. I am good at math
  3. I AM AWESOME AT MUNCHKIN (the board game)
  4. My hair is on point today
  5. I pride myself on my card collection lol
Anonymous said: Am I the only one who doesn't think Chester is particularly funny? Each thing he posts with "welp, catch ya later" makes me want to punch a wall.

I don’t personally like Chester at all. I don’t watch anything with him in it or follow his social media.

frybig said: I've only been in this fandom for a short while, and I'm not sure why you can't stand it (recent answered ask)

There are constant fights, people invade privacy and post it without giving a shit, a lot of people try to be attention whores. It’s just not the fandom I originally joined. It grew to the point of being annoying to me.

antwon-jo-bare-deactivated20140 said: Do u like pantyhose

no, they feel weird

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Anonymous said: I hope you know that you're missed.

Thanks, I appreciate it.

Sadly, I do not think I will ever be regularly posting again. I can’t stand the fandom much anymore.

…perhaps my favorite part of the yearbook

…perhaps my favorite part of the yearbook

My second fandom also makes an appearance

My Grace quote was printed in the yearbook!

My Grace quote was printed in the yearbook!